CGIFarm Features & Benefits

We present the features that you will benefit off using CGIFarm Render Service.


  1. On Demand Rendering – offers you the benefit of using the render farm at any time, without the need of human intervention on our side.
  2. Quick Delivery – Using our powerful hardware and having access to other datacenters to extend our CPU power, gives us the possibility to render almost unlimited projects at the same time, keeping the waiting time to a minimum.

  3. The most accurate render time calculator that you can find online (we brag a little, but it’s true, you won’t find anything like this – at least at the time this article has been written). Knowing how to budget your scenes and what to expect to pay for rendering them in motion, is the first thing you would like to know once you are ready to get your baby to be seen by the entire world. That's why we dedicated our efforts to provide a great tool for you to plan the costs of your project. You can access the calculator here.
  4. Easy to Use web platform and plugin integrated into your 3D Package - You will feel very comfortable using our online platform. It's easy and intuitive, plus the entire workflow is fully documented if you want to push the features to the max, fully customizing your rendering workflow. Try it now!
  5. Multiple jobs created from a single package upload - You can create test jobs, submit different frame ranges, change camera of your 3ds max scene when the job is created on the dashboard. Watch Video!
  6. Supporting Xref scenes - Watch this video to see how you can setup multiple cameras using Xref and upload just one package
  7. Customize render settings for an already uploaded package - You can change resolution, render time and another 200+ settings for v-ray and corona. Watch Video!
  8. Supporting Region Rendering - You can render cropped, blowup regions, and corona VFB regions, all this customizable from our render settings exporter. Watch Video!
  9. The CGIFarm Sync application allows you to control the upload order - It will automatically download the frames as they finish rendering, by the time your animation finishes rendering, you also have the frames downloaded on your machine. Watch Video!
  10. We can customize the render nodes to fit your pipeline – This feature is pretty self-explanatory, we create customized OS images including the 3D Packages and plugins you are using.

  11. API Access – this one is something our project engineer is most proud off, having the entire web platform built on top of a powerful API, gives us the possibility to integrate with any pipeline. For example : having the jobs submitted automatically when they reach a certain step into your workflow, download and process the frames into multiple formats, all this and more are available for advanced users, so don’t hesitate to contact us and tell how you would like to integrate with our service and we will be all ears, it’s always fun to handle a challenge.
  12. Our optimism – This might not be something you would see in the features list of most of the companies, but heck, we are not most of the companies at all. We like to improve our platform and tools we use, having talented and positive staff pushing this project forward and providing a top-notch service to our clients.
    I believe this is the number one feature a company should have. I listed this feature as the last one, but I hope you get to read it, as it’s very important to us to have great feedback on the service that we provide.


This is all about the features list, like I stated in the last one, we are always working to improve our platform and suggestions are welcome. If there’s something you might want to see added into our service, use the Contact Us button on the right of the screen and drop us a message with your thoughts. We will be thrilled to see what our clients would like to have implemented.