What is “On Demand Rendering”?

We designed this render service with Project Managers and Artists in mind, that’s why you can submit projects using our 3D Application plugin, or upload a zip package directly on the web platform.

Using the web interface you will be able to do the following actions:

  1.  Upload a zip package containing the 3DS Max or Maya scenes (more packages will be availabe soon, see our dev. roadmap). The package is submitted for processing. Our software will recognize the type of the project, processing it accordingly.
  2. After the package is passed through the first stage, you can check the logs for each scene inside the package.
  3. Under the Jobs tab, you can choose to submit a scene for rendering, depending on the job type, you will input the required data before queing the job for render.
  4. Monitor the job and download the rendered frames.


None of these actions require human intervention, giving you the flexibility to submit your jobs for render at any time. This is why we call it “On Demand Rendering”. Another reason we call it this way, is that you don’t pay any memberships and you will be charged per frame using the pre-paid credits from your account.

There might be a case when your scenes are using a 3rd party plugin that might not be installed on our render farm (we try to keep updated our plugins list, to ensure maximum compatibility) but if this happens, we can install any plugin that you might be using in a matter of minutes from the moment you submit a plugin install request using the Contact Us button on the right of the screen.

Having everything automated is not an easy job, but it works for 95% of our clients, for the rest of 5% we hired 3D Experts which can help optimize your scene to ensure compatibility. We know that not everybody works the same and we try to cover most of the workflows that we’ve seen so far.

A tool that we created to ensure maximum compatibility between our render farm and your project, is a plugin which integrates with your 3D Package, with a few mouse clicks packing and submitting the project to our farm, ensuring an easy workflow for any artist type. More information about our custom plugin can be found on the plugins page.