Success Stories

 Kavous N - Freelancer (2 March 2017):

"We had a project there we needed huge amount of 3D rendered images be rendered in a short time. We had no time to do the 3D renderings on our own computers as it would take over several hours and at the same time we were involved in another rendering project so we were stuck and had to hold on of the projects. I was informed of the cgifarm services by a friend.

There services were amazing and really helped us out from the situation we were stuck in. They rendered all of our images in just less than an hour which gave us time to be focued on the other rendering project and also get the other project finished in time.

The quality of work was excellent.

It was very easy to work with them and the project proceeded very smoothly.
I would definitely recommend them for any big rendering projects there, there is lack of time and you want to have high quality work as well."

– Sam Garner, Founder of Double Impact Studio from Canada (13 April 2017):

“As Double Impact Studio, we were truly honored working with CGIFarm. Before we got to learn about them, we had a hard time doing the rendering on our own farm and our devices were pretty occupied for ongoing projects.

Trying to outsource to firms wasn’t a good option either, due to their strict rules of engagement. But CGIFarm people were far too flexible and generous when it came to cooperation. Despite their young organization, they did everything we asked for.

Being it a software or plugin we needed for our rendering, they adapted themselves to every standard.
Their profession and their great attitude combined gives the best result and I’m happy to call them our long-term partners.

Honestly, I wouldn’t like to recommend them to anyone else, we like them for our own :)“

– MichaÅ‚ Wojcieszczyk - Freelancer (1 Dec 2017)

As a CG artist working with more than 10 years of experience Im forced to constantly look for better and faster solutions to improve my workflow. Since CgiFarm launched this part of my search is over and I can focus on my creativity more.

– Motiva - Studio (5 Dec 2017)

We were working on the cg/3d area for a long time before founding Motiva almost 10 years ago, During this time we have been working on 3d visualization and software solutions for clients like high-end architects, Spanish Army, Epic Games lots of others.

We have our own small farm but sometimes we need more computational power so we use external renderfarms for tight deadlines and so. We know about this renderfarm since we were involved on the development of a software for a third party company (Anima/AXYZ design) but as I said we are continously creating new visualization contents so we tested it for a FIAT Group dealership video.

We loved to have life feedback and discuss the potential problems via Skype. In the other hand as software developers the relationship was so smooth since the farm crew has high technical skills so the deploy of our software didn't take more than few hours even without having any previous contact between both parts.

Obviously price was great and this is really important but probably the most interesting difference between this farm and others is that I could change parameters on our scene without sending it again, so I could start a low res test and if everything is ok I can tune the params and render the final version without re-uploading everything.

Being a newcomer some issues appeared but they were fixed on minutes so that was a nice experience.

– Francisco Morales - General Manager at Biota Studios (6 Dec 2017)

We don't remember how exactly was it that we found (or was it them that found us?) but we do remember that when we first required their services they provided us the very best of experiences working with a rendering farm, from advice and consulting during setup to assistance and expedience in the post-rendering phase, they endured with us mostly the lows of a very tricky project and in the end we finished with brilliant results and a great sense of not simply hiring a service but instead having had a strong and knowledgeable helping hand along the way.

We vouche for and recommend their services to any animation studio and post-production house with confidence, and hope to have the chance to work with them again soon enough.

– Chris Townsend - Lucid Image (8 Dec 2017)

Lucid Image is a 3d Archviz company based in Brisbane, Australia I founded Lucid Image in 2003. I do most of the rendering work and have a contractor that does my modelling work for me. I aim to provide a very personlised service to my clients which creates great outcomes for their projects.

Being a small studio we only have 4 render machines and they are used for draft renderings using DR in Vray and Corona. I looked into CGIFarm because I started doing a lot of larger projects requiring up to 24 renders for one project. The time this would take on our machines was simply not viable.

With Alex's service he helped to make sure the jobs ran smoothly and we were able to deliver the images in a fraction of the time it would have taken to render in our studio. Alex has continued to improve the CGIFarm plugin and implemented some great new features that makes render at CGIFarm like an extension of our studio. The continued improvement and personalised service CGIFarm is what keeps me going back.

I have not found this level of service or ease of use with any other renderfarm service.

I have no hesitation in recommending CGIFarm.

I am more of a 3D artist than a Technical guy so knowing that Alex is directly available to help should anything go wrong is great peace of mind.