CGIFarm Sync Software Release Version

We are curently working on the 3DS Max plugin and online dashboard to make your workflow as smooth as possible.
There are some limitations and missing features at this point, but we got a stable version ready for you to check it out.

Download CGIFarm Sync for Windows:
Windows7, Windows8, Windows Server 2012+, Windows10

>>Download Link<<

Software Compatibility:

3DS Max 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018



Fixed issues related to collecting assets from network paths

Removed render location selection, only the priority location is available now, the datacenter from Romania has been closed. Up to 8000 cores and up to 256 GB of ram is available now.


Improved downloading using cgifarm sync, included failed download in case the frames fails to download three times, avoiding bandwidth consumtion.
|Manual retry is also implemented


Fixed scene not getting included when uploading package from network location


Added support for Anima 3.0.1 when collecting the packages.
Maked the version as stable and created the release installer.

Fixed 3ds max crash when exporting render settings if windows locale is set on Portugal or other languages which uses comma to delimit the float decimals.
Added support for Anima3 scene detection when exporting the package 

Sending render setting directly to browser was not working
Added support for corona VFB region rendering when exporting render settings

Fixed Crash of the CGIFarm Sync when internet connection was lost
Fixed Crash when menu item was added and max reopened
Fixed Bug of queued package not being marked as canceled 

BufFix: Menu entry for 3ds max plugin on max 2018 not getting registered
Feature: First-In First-Out download/upload mode
Feature: Pause/Resume and cancel uploading packages


BugFix - Preventing from downloading blank frame on single frame distributed render, waiting for render to complete before attempting download with CGIFarm Sync
BugFix - Updated the installer to properly download the supported plugins list into localappdata/cgifarm folder, causing max to crash when opening
Enhacement - Allowing user to set the Upload Temp folder location


Implemented automatic frame downloading into the application
Feature - Added support for our secondary render location
Feature - UI Improvement of the CGIFarm Sync App
BugFix - Scenes located on a network drive were not showing during package prepare stage


Major speed improvement in collecting scene info when scene has V-ray Proxies


Installer Improvements
Added support for max 2014 and max 2018


Implemented sanity check levels
Added Notification in the plugin title when new version is available

Finding Duplicated render elements Fix was crashing plugin


Enhacement - Ability to change Area to Render in PostUpload Settings - (Crop, Blowup) Regions
Enhacement - Starting the CGIFarm Sync if is not already running when the 3DS Max Plugin is launched.
BugFix - Saving the scene before preparing step - Made the scene not saved warning into an Error and you must save scene before clicking on Prepare
BugFix - Render Elements having empty names caused an error when trying to fix the error
Additional - Added warning when one or more render elements shave the file path empty
BugFix - In corona 1.7 the UHD is set to undefined when filepath is empty, this was causing our plugin to crash
BugFix - Crash when area to render was set to region and using Corona Renderer
BugFix - Crash when trying to replace missing images with dummy files


BugFix - Fixed problem with exporting render settings on v-ray


BugFix - 3DS Max Plugin crashing when having the plugin opened on an empty scene, loading a different scene then performing sanity check
BugFix - 3DS Max Plugin crashing when right clicking on a warning with no fix
BugFix - Fixed false upload speed on the sync desktop apllication
BugFix - Fixed Creating project again when internet dropped, will try to reupload to the same project if internet drops now.


Feature - Added upload speed and estimated time inside the 3ds max plugin

BugFix - Closing the render setup dialogue when collecting the render settings to ensure that we collect the updated settings


Feature - Ability to export render settings to be used when creating a job
Enhancement - Collecting .ifl assets for movie textures
Enhancement - Enabling/Disabling render distributed checkbox inside render settings
BugFix - Unlocking the viewport when doing sanity check
BugFix - Removed the warning for compressed on save check

New Dashboard Features:

Ability to upload a settings file to customize the scene properties, 
These are the main settings that can be changed via Settings File:

Output Size (resolution)
Options (Atmospherics, etc..)
Advanced Lighting (Use, Compute)

Pass limit
Noise level limit
Time limit
For more you can study
the exported settings file


Min. subdivis
Max. subdivis
Render time (min)
Noise threshold
Ray bundle size
Render Mask
For more you can study
the exported settings file


Improvement - Added ability to customize the package before zipping or uploadidng


BugFix1 - Collecting assets for anima outside their project folder (purchased assets for instance)
BugFix2 - Hiding the "cancel" button from cgifarm sync app after the package finished uploading


Enhacement1 - Being able to cancel upload from the desktop app
Enhacement2 - Added ability to collect particle flow assets with the 3ds max plugin


BugFix1 - Adding handling for HDRI Maps, it was causing a crash on previews versions when it was trying to find the path
BugFix2 - Properly showing the plugin and the  desktop app version
BugFix3 - Changed the way the installer copy the plugin DLL files into the bin/assembly folder, in some cases the .dll files did not get copied in previews versions.


Enhancement - Implemented crash report data gathering
BugFix1 - Fixed Plugin Crashing when Corona was not installed
BugFix2 - Fixed render elements information gathering error

Alpha 0.7.6

Added support for anima 2.5
Added zip option to gather 3ds max scene and assets into a zip (this will gather even untracked assets such as LUT, lens files, irradiance cache, Corona cache, anima2 files)
Added a warning if render elements are not set - (a user request)

Alpha 0.7.5

3DS Max plugin improvement collecting assets
Display warning if scene needs saving
Fixed UHD not being uploaded using the 3ds max plugin
Processing improvements on the server side to better repath the assets

Alpha 0.7.4


Added ".cxr" support when checking extension for render elements

Bugs Fixed:

Fixed a bug in the sync app causing a crash or long pop-up errors when wrong password was input
Fixed a bug in the 3ds max plugin causing output on a network path to be shown as missing asset
Fixed a bug on the 3ds max plugin leaving duplicated scene files in the folder where the scene was located

Alpha 0.7.3

- Added support for corona 1.6 in the 3ds max plugin

Alpha 0.7.2

- Added support for network paths