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Our company is founded in Romania, Galati. We are a 3d studio in the business for 8 years. We worked on setting rendering solutions, deploying hardware and training people to use the pipeline for the last three years.

In parallel with this service we had 2 programmers getting our entire pipeline transformed into an automated web service. There have been all sorts of challenges we didn’t expect, as having the infrastructure for a large service built required redesigning the entire workflow from ground up. We ended up using just the feature ideas from our already implemented solution. We had to implement a new software in order to support multiple 3d packages plus the required plugins. There was a lot of work making this happen, and there’s still a lot of work implementing all the features we have planned in our roadmap. I advise you to subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we have some new updates ready for you to use.

We have an experienced team with people in all the 3d fields and they will be happy to assist you in any 3d related problem you may have. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to use our contact form, we answer under 24 hours usually even if it’s weekend.

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