Who We Are?

Our team is formed of 4 people:

Our lead programmer, taking care of the CGIFarm backend, meaning the entire API for uploading packages, processing the scenes, creating the jobs, software integrations.

Taking care of the CGIFarm 3ds max plugin and the fronted web dashboard which integrates with George's work, giving you access to all the actions that the backend can perform.

Jack of all trades and master of some of them. Working on tools programming which takes care of the power management of the servers and work assignment, software and plugin deployment, CGIFarm workflow testing, marketing and clients support.

He's the guy to call in case a drive, cpu, ram fails and needs replacing. Raresh is also taking care of the CGIFarm written documentation (WIP) at the time I am writing this. 

The CGIFarm project started in 2015 and it's growing very nicely from the begining of 2016. With the help of the users we achieved a fast and reliable workflow to serve a wide range of scene setups.