Why Us?

We are in the 3d visualization for over 8 years now and tested and perfected various workflows for rendering with different 3D Packages. Our favorites are 3DS Max and Maya, this is the reason we started offering service for this software first.

The features we implemented were things we and other clients we worked with needed in their pipeline. This improved the productivity tremendously automating various time eating tasks, giving the designer more flexibility when testing scene setups having a fast turnaround and video preview of the rendered frames within 4 mouse clicks.

We developed our pipeline from ground up, so we know that we can rely on our system delivering results with any type of project. We also assured that we have a flexible workflow so we can adapt to any situation.

We have top notch server provisioning services, capable of setting up a new set of OS Images on our bare metal nodes in less than one hour or launch customized virtual images in less than 15 minutes on our virtualized nodes.

We use a hybrid configuration of our datacenter, making sure that we run the render software on the best performing OS environment and that we can also easily scale our processing capacity if a project demands it. There are instances where we saved 2 minutes of rendering for every 10 minutes of render just by using the right OS for the render package. This means that we make sure you are getting the best results for your buck.

Testing is the best way of finding out if a service is for you, to make this step a no-brainer, we offer $20 worth of credits for free when you sign up. This is enough to give our service a good look and test it with your own project setup.

If there are custom plugins that need to be installed in order to support your scenes, use the contact form and tell use more about your project. This is the main reason we needed to have a fast provisioning solution in place. This way we calibrate our render farm for any project, no matter how customized the workflow is.

Use the register now button and fill in your details to get instant access to our dashboard and have 20 credits assigned to your account for free. There is no risk! Five minutes of your time is the only thing you need to invest.

I wish you the best and happy rendering!

Alexandru Gradea, CEO of CGIFarm.


If you are not sure if you should spend the time finding out if CGIFarm is right for you, here is the most asked question from our clients before they decide to use our service.


Q: How much it will cost to render my scene?

A: This may vary depending on your scene type, so we developed 2 utilities to help answering this question. The first tool relies on you feeding the right input from your tests on local computer, this tool will compare CPU benchmarks to simulate the render time on our farm providing an estimate cost, this will be as accurate as you can be when providing render time information for multiple frames rendered at various places in your timeline, we consider it being the most advanced render estimator that you can find online, you can give it a try by following this link.

The second tool helps getting an accurate answer to this question. You submit a free project in the “Quote” mode. This will render a random number of frames depending on the length of your animation, the information is used to calculate the render time and price estimation for the entire project. This increases with up to 90% the chances of the estimation being close to the given price, this gives you an awesome chance to optimize your scene so you stay under budget. This is the perfect tool to estimate how much to charge your client for the rendering service without committing the full render. This way you also test that your project renders properly on our platform. The best part using this tool, is that’s free. You will get your scene sampled on our nodes and receive the most accurate estimation that no other render service will offer you right now.

To put ice on the cake, we take this tool so serious that we will accept the price the tool gives you when submitting the job for quote then continuing with the final render. If for some reason your scene will cost less than we calculated using the regular price, you will be charged the smaller price, if it takes longer, we will take the loss. (this feature is available for “Deadline To Meet” plans and “I Need it Yesterday!”).



There’s just one thing left for you to do, try us risk free, click on the register now button and submit your project for a quote, use the free credit we give as a trial and I am sure you will love what we have to offer.